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It's incredible that they've said 'Okay, if you're not going to provide regulations, we'll keep updating our technology.'""I don't think the government will sit back and allow them to keep adding these self-driving features," he said."Although this accident is the type of thing those of us working in the field have most feared, I don't think it has to have a chilling effect," said Dolan.

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The spokesperson told Tech Republic, "The potential for an autonomous Three-Mile Island equivalent, and for what that did to the nuclear industry, is high.

Should an event occur that receives major publicity, it's actually quite likely that that could throw a large bucket of cold water on progress made towards legalizing and increasing adoption of autonomous vehicles."The issue of trust will be central to the adoption of the autonomous driving technology.

"I always keep my hands on the wheel and keep a high degree of road awareness, in part due to the known gaps in the technology," said Fusco.

"There are not enough details to make any judgement about what role, if any, Autopilot played.

"In fact, any time I put on Autosteer, it flashes a warning to keep my hands on the wheel.