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She starred along with ‘Jay Baruchel’ and ‘Krysten Ritter’. Major movies that Alice has starred in are: ‘Stage Beauty’, ‘Starter for 10’, ‘Big Nothing’, ‘The Amazing Trousers’, ‘Crossing Over’, ‘Sex and the City 2’, ‘The Decoy Bride’, ‘ATM’, ‘Men In Black 3’ and ‘The Raven’, ‘Night at the Museum’, ‘Criminal’, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ and more.

As per TV shows, she has appeared in ‘Hawking’, ‘The Rotters’ Club’, ‘Beethoven’, ‘Losing Gemma’, ‘Entourage’, ‘Agastha Christie’s Poirot’, and her recent project ‘Black Mirror’.

When you look at her pictures, you can figure out that she actually has Heterochromia of the eye which means she has two different eye colors. Scientists have discovered that Genetic Diversity is the key cause behind Heterochromia.

In 2010, Eve played the female lead role in the American romantic comedy film She's Out of My League, in which her parents play the roles of her character's parents.

She also played the role of Erin, Charlotte's Irish nanny, in Sex and the City 2.

Preferring to opt for boyfriend jeans and baggy jumpers on her off-duty days, Alice Eve urged the fash pack to make a racket when she stepped out in this Ralph Lauren creation at the pre-Wimbledon bash.

The brown knit dress exuded elegance with its long sleeves and intricate ribbed pattern in a chic brown hue, and was unmistakeably high quality with its woven goat suede detailing at the sleeves.

During her time at the college, she got herself involved in many theater productions. Alice made her first appearance as ‘Miss Frain’ in the movie entitled ‘Stage Beauty’.