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She met a client in a hotel room and gave him a massage, then began to touch his genitals.At that moment—after sexual contact had begun—police burst into the room and arrested her.“Women have told me that years later they still have PTSD symptoms when they see a police car.”Still, despite advocates' claims otherwise, Alaskan law enforcement maintains that sex does not happen between sex workers and officers.

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"Sexual relations with the subject of a prostitution investigation exceeds the authority allowed to an officer during an investigation and the officer engaging in this conduct could be charged with the crime of prostitution." Officers also feel that eliminating the "gray zone" of sexual contact — not sex, but for a sex worker, still incriminating — will hinder their ability to investigate sex workers.

"[In an undercover investigation] they ask one simple question: 'Touch my breast.' OK, I'm out of the car. And the case is over," Anchorage Police Department Deputy Chief Sean Case told the .

The justification for prostitution laws is generally that sex workers are exploited and must be arrested to be rescued.

But, as Molly says, police stings can feel like exploitation in themselves.

said that during a sting, the cop “reached over and grabbed my boobs and he touched my crotch …