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To best understand how this happens, we now look at some personal, and very real stories.

Do not make the mistake of thinking it cannot happen to you because it can. She quickly found her way to several vampire message boards. Promise and I will come to you.' She'd promised and believed him, and at 16 she began to wait for him. Slowly, she stopped having her friends over, she started staying home from school.

He soon convinced the 14 year old that Anne Rice was herself a vampire, that vampires were real, and really like the myths. A small golden heart with the word 'forever' written inside. 'We can be married as soon as you are 18, but we will lie about your age and marry now if you rather. She had told no one that he had e-mailed her that he was there but she was out and he would not come again unless she stayed home. That's when a friend of hers wrote me and asked that I help her.

He was an actual vampire, hundreds of years old and he was fond of her. A few months later she had a fight with her father and wrote to tell the 'vampire' about it. He, and her other friends, refused to tell her parents why she wouldn't leave her room so they told me.

When she began to mention that perhaps he might want to pay her back for the car and clothes, he acted hurt and asked hadn't he been good to her?