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Finally, after a judge in MD granted Rams unsupervised visitation, Joaquin Rams murdered my son Prince.Two weeks after Prince was killed, I learned that Rams had taken out over 500k in life insurance policies on my child.Instead of helping to keep my family safe, they helped my abuser.

It has been almost five years since I lost my son Prince.

While I am sure that at least a few people in this court room would have preferred me to have been silent this entire time, but staying silent in the face of injustice is simply against my nature.

After Prince’s murder, I became a fierce advocate to get justice for my son by holding accountable the people and institutions that contributed to his murder.

This memoir is the journey of how I went from victim to advocate, and a call to action in order to start the conversations required to protect the children who will come next.

During the sentencing hearing, it is the first time that the victims have the opportunity to address the court and the defendant.