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Especially apples at 2gold/per profit you can make your first 500 500 quickly. Tough fights - make sure you`re hitting their Legs/Armor on first couple rounds to make the whole fight easier. Seems almost impossible/pointless but the game is kind of fun - I would play a similar game without the sex.

The mechanics of the fights are fun, take a little strategy. Probably one of the best flash erotic fantasy RPGs out there Pros: - Very good graphics (as per LOP in general) - Good RPG system (it makes sense in the world presented) - Decent choice of female characters to encounter - Good humor (most of the time) Cons: - At times (if you are unlucky especially) it requires a lot of time to "grind" exp/money - Endings in general feel disappointing This game was really fun.

for the most part this game was OK but i think i can be reworked.

the script was decent but i know you guys can take it further o_o.....

I think that this would have been better if there were items that could help control the hit/miss ratio. ok here the walkthrough for each ending ending 1- complete all the quest especially the blacksmith and keep the talisman you get from him.