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I am looking to make friends both male and female I am almost divorced and looking to move on with my life I enjoy keeping fit and hope to get reacquainted with the gym very soon.

I have neglected it alot these last couple of months I love live music, live comedy, eating out, cinema, theatre, shopping or just people watching and putting the world to rights I'm an easy-going, kind and a bit of a cheeky guy.

Well boys, after doing some checking it turns out the 12ga. So, I guess I will just keep using my 1187 Premier Light Contour when I need a semi-auto for pheasant hunting. i remember as a "tween", it was the large size i had difficulty with until I grew to an adult frame. it was light weight and hurt my adolescent shoulder. so i hunt dog less sun up to sun down and the walk doesn't get me, it's my left arm by the third day. I hunt with my teen-age sling wrapped around my left elbow and use that forearm as a support.

Montefeltro doesn't weigh that much less than the 12ga. My M1 is my waterfowl gun (black synthetic stocks). My BBF's father owned an wildlife art gallery at the time and took me to a hunt club. gun is always in the ready up position pointed to the left. So i removed everything but my maps, 5 shells and compass from my vest and wear it on my belt in back.

lost too many pats carrying over my shoulder or on handed at my side.i now hunt a mag. i moved my sidearm to a thigh holster.after the 7th,8th day, ya, I'm pretty tired pushing 7-9 hr days. by that time in the hunt, I'm done with walking over logs.