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A special "link" and "kit" function assists in the preparation of the estimate/invoice further reducing the processing time.* Screen displays in Invoice form so you can stick with something that is easy to use and familiar to you * my CARFAX Quick VIN and my CARFAX Service History Check supported* Email Invoices or Estimates directly from the program* Lookup customer by Last Name, License Plate, VIN#, Home or Work phone* Lookup customer Invoice history by Customer name, License Plate or Invoice number * Check daily sales * Add Inventory, Service Codes, Kit codes, Tire codes and Group codes while invoicing * Search by Part Number, Service code, Tire size, Kit code, Group, Description, Category, Vendor and Price list * System Catalog look-up (program automatically builds a catalog as you invoice) * Review invoices from and date and for any customer or auto * Split sale between one or more employees * Invoice can be paid with more than one method of payment * "Pop-up" browse windows to help select customers, customer's vehicles, part numbers, kit number, tires, etc. - tires will automatically pull up mounting, balancing and other items.

* Employee time clock * Save estimates as either work orders or turn them into invoices * Put inventory on hold * Setup charge and layaway accounts * Special markup feature * Sell outside parts and parts that are not in inventory * Inventory on hand quantities are kept current at all times * View customers balance and payment history * Customers can have unlimited automobiles * Quickly check customers yearly statistics * Quickly print an envelope to mail a estimate or invoice to a customer * Apply payments to customer accounts * Print a customer statement * Schedule appointments * Enter advertisement codes for advertisement tracking * Add a shop fee based on percentage of invoice A complete inventory maintenance program. Inventory can easily be reordered either by vendor, part number, category, description or group.

* Shows the amount of sales that were charged and the amount received from owing accounts for each day. * Shows the number of invoices printed for each day.

* Shows the total cost and profit amounts for each day. Also, displayed on the sales report is a list of total sales by category for the dates requested and a breakdown of what method customers used to pay.

The estimates can be updated or printed as an invoice or work order.