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Go for a college Black dude, a brother who religiously go to work, stay home more and handle business and trying to move ahead in life.

They are hard to find...the Black sisters will admit to that.

They really are a pretty well accepted and integrated community.

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Even the country Peru had a Japanese-descent leader, but I don't think the populations of most Latin American countries would be ready to accept a black leader (even if he is Spanish-speaking).105479724 #14565By Sexy latina girl on Wednesday, January 12, 2005 - am Hi Evil Mexican, you raise a few good points..

I really don't think you're right about Hispanics (and other cultures) being hypocritical in their view of blacks because black people are definitely the MOST hypocritical and racist people.

In this episode we meet Alien Sex God's new girlfriend, Fiona, and see how she thwarts his glee over the new war.. your stuff is really cool man people dont like but people are always stupid.

yeah man thought it was really funny and stuff, got a very nice style of animating i cant see why everyone hates this stuff.

I mean it shouldn't be a surprise because of course whites make fun of blacks (and sometimes Mexicans) behind their backs, and blacks make fun of whites and Mexicans all the time too.