good nicknames for guys on dating sites - 6 signs you re dating a loser

Ahead of anything, a man who is straying may start showing a shift in the way they behave, and this is generally connected to the way their appearance.'Men start to take a bit more care.

They might work out a bit more, or be clean shaven more often, or start dressing a bit better or smelling nicer,' David said.'A change of appearance is generally quite strong.'The investigations expert said technology has changed the playing field when it comes to cheating partners.

David King, managing director for Lipstick Investigations, said a woman's intuition is close to 80 per cent spot on.'I will back a woman's intuition every single time,' he told FEMAIL.'There's something in their minds that's not right and some of the things they may come to me with might sound a bit strange but more often than not we investigate into it and they're dead right.'Here, FEMAIL takes a look at the signs to look out for if you suspect your significant other might be playing around.

While as many women are as likely to cheat – the investigation's experts says figures are roughly even – his female clientele usually engage his services after their partners have exhibited some telling signs.

Being there for someone goes hand in hand with trust.