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Lala Kent's new guy is free to date her or whoever the hell he wants -- because he's officially single in the eyes of the law.Hollywood producer Randall Emmett just finalized his divorce from his actress wife of eight years, Ambyr Childers. everything has been settled privately, and all the terms are confidential -- including spousal and child support.

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Thus the year number did not change until 25 March, so taking 1558 as an example, the dates ran as follows: So if you see a document dated any time between January and 24 March before 1752, be aware that in modern terms, you need to add a year.

In publications you may see this written as January 1750/51, the year as it was known at the time / the year as we know it now.

The new Gregorian Calendar cut 10 days from the year in adjustment.

Other Catholic countries followed and adopted the Gregorian Calendar but England, being Protestant, did not.

England therefore remained 10 days behind the New Style Calendar.

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    These items, previously imported into the United States, were discovered as part of an investigation that began in 1998, under the U. In 2006, after the Polish government became aware that the paintings were going to be sold at auction in New York, it enlisted the assistance of HSI. 16, 2011, both "The Hunt" and "Off to the Hunt," also known as "Before Going Hunting in Rytwiany," were judicially forfeited for return to the government of the Republic of Poland.1/21/2011ICE presented a painting by Edgar Degas, "Blanchisseuses Souffrant Des Dents," to the acting French Ambassador to the United States, Jan. The painting, completed between 1870 to 1872, depicts two views of a laundress with a toothache. Together, they investigate potential threats to the homeland, enforce criminal and civil laws, and prosecute those who have violated the law.

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